the hgh recommended medical dosage the importance of blood

The HGH Recommended Medical Dosage – The Importance of Blood Work

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How much Human Growth Hormone (HGH) does one use? It depends upon many considerations. Our clinic will consider your physical fitness level, your age, your medical history, your HGH levels, and the results of your blood work.

After a careful review of these factors, we will feel confident in providing you with a detailed, comprehensive, and precise schedule for timing your HGH dosage.

Our goal is simple: restore your Growth Hormone to your previous youthful levels.

But we don't want to overdo your hormone treatment. Our goal is to find the precise level of not too much and not too little HGH.

Extremely high doses of Growth Hormone can cause harmful side effects, while too small doses will not produce the desired outcome.

Our trained, professional staff has decades of experience in Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), and we know how to find that perfect dosage amount, quickly and safely.

Our dosage recommendations are determined by the latest cutting-edge technology, feedback from a worldwide network of physicians, and scientific and quantitative data. This meticulous approach gives us complete confidence in our dosage recommendations.

At our clinic, you are treated as an individual. Your HGH treatment options will be discussed in detail, and your questions and concerns will be answered. Our goal is to let you regain your life!

Typical Protocol of Human Growth Hormone

A standard protocol utilizing low doses has shown to have the best effects.

A standard protocol for someone over the age of 35, deficient in HGH/IGF-1, and showing signs of Andropause is, as an example, approximately 1IU per day, with five days on (Monday through Friday using 1IU per day) and two days off (Saturday and Sunday no usage of HGH).

We will begin your therapy slowly and only bump up your dosage after we have carefully monitored your bloodwork and listened carefully to your feedback.

What is the Best Time of Day to Inject Human Growth Hormone?

It depends. Some research has shown the best time to take HGH injections is in the morning, upon awakening. Why? Because the pituitary gland pumps out higher levels of Growth Hormone in the evening during sleep. An infusion of HGH before bedtime may interfere with that production.

However, there is an exception to this rule. If your Growth Hormone levels are deficient, it really doesn't matter when you take your Growth Hormone injection. In fact, in some circumstances, a bedtime injection may even be more beneficial since it is in tune with your circadian rhythm.

This has lead to further studies showing that a once-a-day injection at night seems to have the most beneficial effect, while some have found doses in the morning provide the best results.

There is a third option: distributed distribution. This method means merely a twice-a-day dosing of smaller amounts of HGH, one in the morning and one in the evening. While rarely utilized, this treatment option may be considered.

If all of these options sound confusing, relax. We will provide you with the right path to follow.

To prevent adverse side effects from developing as a result of too much Growth Hormone, we will instruct you to cycle your treatment by taking a break from HGH administration.  This is mandatory with no exceptions!

For example, as a rule for a weekly cycle, we suggest taking HGH therapy five days and taking two days off. You will be able to choose your days off, but you must adhere to your schedule.

This cycling is done for two reasons. First, without taking a break your body will develop a tolerance to HGH, and the treatments will become less and less efficient.

Second, continual Growth Hormone treatment will eventually shut down your pituitary gland's ability to produce Growth Hormone naturally. In spite of the fact that Growth Hormone decreases as you age, it is not healthy for your body to shut down HGH production completely.

This is why we insist on cycling HGH injections.

We will inform you of any and all potential side effects and emphasize that if you feel you are experiencing any difficulties, you must contact us immediately. Our treatments are safe when applied as directed. But we take no chances with your continued good health.


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