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Dr. Simon Richardson began his interest in medicine at a young age due to his mother's battle with cancer, the affliction that took her life at the age of 49. Dr. Richardson has made it his life's mission to relieve the suffering his mother and his entire family experienced due to her premature passing. After years as a General Practitioner, he witnessed first-hand the debilitating effects of aging on his patients, their families, and friends.

His interest in treating aging as a disease eventually led to his specializing in hormone replacement therapies since a loss of hormones is one of the primary causes of aging. One of his mottos is "health is 90% prevention and 10% cure." As a result of this philosophy, he firmly believes in a holistic approach to addressing his patient's concerns.

Dr. Richardson prides himself on his talents in the kitchen and has an encyclopedic grasp of food: what foods boost health, what foods tear the body down; when to eat; how to prepare wholesome meals, and the joys of healthy eating.

He emphasizes to his patients that eating correctly does not have to be boring. He offers a comprehensive nutrition plan that has helped countless patients stop the dangerous and lazy eating habits causing obesity. "You are what you eat" and "We are killing ourselves with our knives, forks, and spoons" are two of his favorite mantras that he loves to share with his patients.

Dr. Richardson is also adept at driving home the message concerning "empty calories," especially what we drink. He considers sodas "public health enemy number one" and has shared water's importance and scientific use with his patients. Water is, in his opinion, a vital tool in the battle against obesity and is often ignored and overlooked.

He recommends water filters and other means of avoiding the pollutants in regular tap water. He also educates his patients on how water can act as an appetite suppressant, especially when consumed before a meal, and the importance of beginning the day with water consumption. His patients have reported improved skin tone, weight loss, and various other health benefits due to his nutritional advice and all-inclusive approach to cutting-edge, efficient hormone replacement combined with lifestyle modifications.

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