252 humatropen human growth hormone injection device information

HumatroPen Human Growth Hormone Injection Device Information


HumatroPen HGH Delivery Device

The HumatroPen is a device intended for the safe and efficient administration of Humatrope Recombinant HGH Therapy.

The HumatroPen comes in three sizes, dependening upon the scale of the HGH Cartridge: 6 milligrams, 12 milligrams, and 24 milligrams.

Although these three devices function identically, they are not interchangeable and require their particular Pens and Cartridges.

Who Makes the HumatroPen?

The HumatroPen and Humatrope HGH are products created and distributed by the pharmaceutical company Eli Lily.

Who Can Use Humatrope?

Because Humatrope is a form of HGH Replacement Therapy, Growth Hormone Treatment, the prescription and use of the medication is only allowed for the treatment of the following medical conditions:

  • Pediatric HGH Deficiency
  • Pediatric Idiopathic Short Stature
  • Adult HGH Deficiency

HGH Injection Therapy can also be used for the treatment of AIDS/HIV-Related Cachexia, but the only form of HGH indicated for this purpose is Serostim HGH.

How to Buy HumatroPen growth hormone releasers

The Conscious Evolution Institute is one of the best sources in America for HGH Products such as Humatrope and the Humatrope Pen. If you are interested in this product, or Recombinant HGH Therapy in general, we can help you discover if you or a loved one is eligible for treatment.

More HumatroPen Information

To maximize the benefits and efficacy of therapy, research suggests, it is of vital importance to follow all of your physician's instructions about proper technique and utilization of this HGH device.

Not correctly heeding advice could lead to you not receiving enough HGH, which could severely reduce the effectiveness of your treatment, or could lead you to inject too much Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone, which could result in symptoms of overdose.

Under no circumstances should you change the dose that you administer either to yourself or a family member. If you change cartridge sizes, you will have to adjust your particular HumatroPen device to compensate.

How to Clean the Humatrope Pen

The Humatrope HGH Injection Pen should never be submerged in water or alcohol, and lubricants should never be used. The appropriate means to clean the pen is to wipe it down with a wet cloth.

How to Store the HumatroPen

After the Humatrope Cartridge has been installed into your HumatroPen, the product is suitable for up to 28 days as long as it is properly taken care of.

Keep your active HumatroPen device under refrigeration at no more than 46 degrees and no less than 36 degrees. Freezing will irreparably damage the product and should be avoided at all costs.

Before starting the injection process, allow the Humatrope Cartridge to warm up for ten minutes.

Injecting cold Humatrope can lead to an uncomfortable sensation.

The Humatrope product should not be allowed to rest at room temperature for longer than half an hour because this can reduce the effectiveness of the Recombinant HGH.

Finally, always remove the needle before storing!

How Long Does a Single HumatroPen Device Last?

The HumatroPen has been clinically manufactured to be functional for as long as three years.

It is essential to keep a record of your first use of the device so that you can stop using the product after three years.

After this period has passed, you will need to acquire a new pen to ensure the effectiveness and efficacy of your Humatrope Injection Therapy

HumatroPen Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I forget to perform an injection?

Don't sweat it! Skipping a dose by accident is okay. Just wait until your next treatment is due. There is no benefit to taking multiple doses in a single day, and this can increase the risk of side effects.

What type of needle does HumatroPen use?

The particular length and gauge of the needle depend on your specific needs.

The ideal needles for the HumatroPen are Pen Needles made by Becton, Dickinson, and Company. These needles are not provided with the HumatroPen and must be acquired separately (may require a prescription).

Do I have to use a new needle each time?

To prevent infection and preserve your health, it is imperative that you only use needles once. Replacing needles also ensures that you do not clog the needle, and it helps prevent air bubbles. After using the needle, dispose of it in an approved container that is thick enough to resist puncture.

Do I have to reinstall the cartridge with every use?

No. Cartridges are intended for ease of use and provide many doses before they are used up. After installing the cartridge, you will not have to repeat the process until the current cartridge is empty or expired. Removing the cartridge after every use will likely cause you to lose doses of Humatrope over time.

What if the HumatroPen label does not match the Cartridge name?

Before installing a cartridge, always make sure that you are installing the appropriate cartridge for your particular pen. Your HumatroPen is designed to be used with a specific cartridge. If you install the wrong size cartridge, the device will deliver incorrect doses of medication.

The cartridge that your pen needs is labeled both on the outer casing and the knob that controls the dosage.

If my Humatrope is not colorless and transparent, what should I do?

If your Humatrope has not fully reconstituted after you have followed the appropriate steps, take the cartridge and slowly flip it back and forth in your hand ten times. Bio-Identical HGH is fragile, so it is of vital importance not to shake.

After ten turns, allow the cartridge to rest for three or more minutes. Repeat the first step of the process another ten times, and let the cartridge rest for five minutes longer. If the Humatrope still contains particles or clouds, call your medical representative and ask for help.

What causes bubbles to form in the HumatroPen Cartridge?

It is natural that the mixing process may leave some bubbles in the cartridge. Also, bubbles may form if you accidentally leave a needle in the HumatroPen before placing it in storage. It is essential to remove the needle after every injection.

If any air bubbles are in the cartridge, repeat the initial Cartridge Set-Up process to get the bubbles out of the device. If there is a single, tiny bubble in the Cartridge, don't worry, this is normal, and you can avoid the bubble by following standard protocol.

What if I am unable to fit the Humatrope Cartridge into the HumatroPen?

In this case, the Cartridge or Pen may be broken or damaged. Slide the Cartridge very carefully into the HumatroPen and attempt to screw the Cartridge into place. If this is not possible, call your prescribing physician and ask for advice.

What do I do if the trigger resists when I try to deliver the Humatrope dose?

There are a few different reasons why this may occur:

This may mean that you are dealing with a blocked needle. Replace the needle and try again.

Be careful not to depress the trigger too quickly, because this can make the trigger harder to press.

Also, your doctor may recommend using a larger-gauge needle to make the injection process go more smoothly.

If the inside of the HumatroPen device becomes soiled, this may also make the injection process more difficult.

What does it mean when the Dosage Knob does not return to 0 milligrams (mg) after an injection?

This likely means that your current cartridge of Bio-Identical Humatrope has been expended. Unlike some other devices, such as the Norditropin Nordiflex, it is possible to give yourself a partial dose. The number that is displayed on the dial represents the amount of Humatrope that you were shorted in your final treatment.

Talk to your prescribing physician about what to do in this instance, and just dispose of both the empty cartridge and the needle. Under most circumstances, you will merely be told to hold off on the next dose until the next day. The next day, install a new cartridge and start the process all over again.

Is it normal for Humatrope to leak from the HumatroPen HGH Device after my injection?

It depends on how much liquid has leaked. It is normal for one drop to hang onto the needle after your injection. If there is more, then you may not have received your intended dose for the day. Under no circumstances should you administer another dose. Talk to your prescribing physician.

To make sure you get the full dose, depress the injection trigger firmly for five full seconds.

How do I know that I have completed the HumatroPen Injection Process?

There are two steps which let you know that you are finished with your injection:

You have held the needle in place for five seconds with the trigger depressed.

The Dosage Knob reads 0 milligrams (mg).

Setting Up a New Humatrope Cartridge or Replacing an Old Humatrope Cartridge

First thing's first. Make sure you have the correct Cartridge for the appropriate HumatroPen. Next, ensure that your Bio-Identical Humatrope HGH is not expired.

The HGH solution in the cartridge should be both cloudless and clear. Never used expired HGH of any kind, and never use damaged or broken HGH products.

To connect the Humatrope Cartridge, take the tip of the cartridge, colored white, and use it to nudge back the screw.

Take the Reconstituted Humatrope Cartridge and slide it in into place, before turning the Pen and Cartridge together. Keep this Cartridge in place either until the Cartridge is expired or empty.

Prepping the Needle for Humatrope Injection

When you get a new HumatroPen device, there will be a tab on the outside cap.

Remove this tab and screw the needle carefully onto the Pen without making contact with the tip.

Take off both the Inner Cap and the Outer Cap. Retain the latter to take off the needle after your injection.

Now turn the device upwards, so the needle faces the ceiling.

Press down on the Injection Trigger for five full seconds. Turn the knob to 0.20 milligrams (mg) and continue the previous step until liquid comes out of the tip.

This will ensure that air is removed from the cartridge and the pen.

Injecting Bio-Identical Humatrope with the HumatroPen

Once you are ready to deliver your Humatrope Injection, turn the Dosage Dial to display the dosage that you have been prescribed.

For example, if you have been prescribed 0.8 milligrams, slowly turn the dial forward until the screen reads 0.8. If you set the knob too far, slowly turn the dial back to the appropriate dosage.

From this point, follow your prescribing physician's instructions about proper injection protocol, including proper sanitation and injection site cycling.

Once you have inserted the needle, press down on the trigger for 5 seconds to dispense the Humatrope medication. Look at the Dial and ensure that the dose was injected in its entirety, with a reading of 0.0.

If the dial does not read 0.0, this means you did not receive a full dose, and you will have to replace the Cartridge upon your next injection.

Under most cases, a single, partial dose won't significantly affect therapy in any way.

Properly Disposing of the HGH Needle

Place the Outer Cap back on the tip of the needle, then just unscrew the needle and carefully replace the Outer Cap as instructed by your healthcare professional.

Remove the capped Needle by turning counter-clockwise. Throw away as directed by your healthcare professional. Replace the Pen Cap.



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