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Now at Costco.com: ProgeneĀ® All-Natural Testosterone Supplement...

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Progene, the leading all-natural testosterone supplement, is now available at Costco.com

“We’re proud that Progene is now at Costco.com- known for carrying only the best product within a category, said Michael Lee of Progene. We look forward to offering our natural solution to a wider audience nationwide — while extending more value to consumers through Costco.com.

Cincinnati, Ohio (PRWEB) January 17, 2013

Male testosterone levels peak in the teens/early 20s and begin to decline every year thereafter. Millions of men have low testosterone and Costco, the seventh largest retailer in the world, joins Progene in helping men to restore and maintain their testosterone levels.

According to Dr. Morgentaler, an associate clinical professor at Harvard Medical School and author of Testosterone for Life (McGraw Hill 2009), There are still millions of men in this country who have symptoms and signs of testosterone deficiency who are not diagnosed or treated and should be.

As men age, their testosterone levels gradually decline by about 1-2% per year. Fatigue, loss of libido, less energy and muscle mass, and feelings of depression are all signs of lower testosterone levels. According to experts, nearly 25 million thats 1 in 4 — American males between ages 40 and 55 experience the symptoms of low testosterone. Hormone changes, however, are a natural part of aging.

Thats where Progene comes in.

Men cant help getting older, but they dont have to feel old. Progene helps increase testosterone levels with a special dual-action formula that contains clinically proven testosterone precursors and rare herbal extracts that support the bodys natural production of testosterone. Higher testosterone levels mean healthier — and happier — men.

All men over 35 should find out their testosterone levels.

Im glad I found out my levels, writes a Progene customer. I thought I was having a mid-life crisis and put up with it. My results from the Progene Test Kit clearly showed I had lower levels of testosterone as compared to when I was younger. After taking Progene for a few weeks, I was feeling better — more energy, more drive — so I took another testosterone test. My levels definitely increased! Progene really helped me improve my life.

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Now at Costco.com: Progene® All-Natural Testosterone Supplement

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